You can find a view many articles and videos about the current process if you like. This is what I believe the sleep testing process should look like.

In the future I imagine that you will start your sleep testing process with an on line class. You will read an article or two about the equipment you will be using with emphasis on how to put it on, confirm that it is working properly, take it off, and care for it over the week or two that you will be using it. Then you will view several videos and use some interactive learning tools to get a real handle on what is going on as much as possible from the web. There will be some on line testing and when you pass the tests you are ready for the next phase.

Then you are off to a class. With the help of the instructor you will indeed put on the equipment while the instructor makes sure that everything has proper placement and comfort. When the instructor is satisfied that you are able to use the equipment well you are certified and given the sleep testing equipment to take home.

Each night as you use the equipment when you do believe you have put it on properly you will punch a button on the equipment. This will notify a technician at the data gathering station that they need to look at your data coming in and see that everything is functioning properly. If so they punch button and a green light goes on letting you know that the test is beginning. You then go to bed.

The test will be for much more than one night but if sleep disordered breathing is discovered you will be shipped the proper CPAP machine (which you will have been already trained to use) and will begin a months long titration process. Indeed monitoring your own data and making guided decisions about changes in the way the machine functions to meet your needs will be ongoing as it must be.