I do find this useful. [note: edited Sun Jun 17 14:28:24 PDT 2018 to remove the concept of forgiveness as it is transaction based in character and therefor incompatible with some spiritual ways.]

I have come to believe that health is based in providing four things: Good Purpose, Effective Nutrition, Good Stress, and Bearable Toxin Levels.

Recently I have come across a simple tool that helps me move toward better purpose. It is based upon an abbreviated version of Ho’oponopono. It is structured to be four lines of four syllables per line. As I use it as a “walking meditation” I find this works better with the stepping and breathing. Often I add two pauses (steps) after each line for “breath in” and emphasis thought.

The simple meditation:


Order does not matter. Subject varies widely. It simply seems to put my heart aright in so many ways concerning many many situations.

One thing that I find rather striking as I wake up using my CPAP. Often I know I am over breathing. I do know that setting my posture more right in terms of forward head posture will help. Eucapnic breathing techniques do help. But thinking the simple meditation I have set forth above simply calms my whole being down often too the point I can actually feel my feet warming up, my mouth become moist, and the rest of my body become calm. It is a great way to wake up with CPAP!